15 failed, discontinued fast foods that you will never encounter, ever again.

Fast food restaurants, especially chain ones, all specialize in specific niches of food items and are known for particular things on their menu. For example, KFC is known for its crispy fried chicken. But every once in awhile these fast-food restaurants try to innovate and add to their menus. Sometimes these attempts fall short of their expectations. Here are 15 discontinued fast food that you will never encounter, ever again.

1. McSpaghetti

At some point in time, McDonald’s came up with the brilliant idea to add spaghetti, lasagna, and fettuccine alfredo to their menu. The spaghetti was aptly named McSpaghetti. Safe to say, the whole thing flopped. Amazingly so.

2. Taco Bell’s Seafood Salad

The fact that at some point, Taco Bell thought this would be a good idea, is kind of baffling. In the 1980s, Taco Bell decided to launch a seafood salad. The salad was made up of whitefish, shrimp, and crab on a bed of veggies and served in taco shells. Sources say it had tasted as revolting as it sounds and was soon discontinued never to be seen again.

3. Breakfast at Wendy’s

Wendy’s is known for its iconic greasy fries and its witty Twitter account, but did you know that Wendy’s had once attempted to introduce a breakfast menu? That’s right. In 2012, Wendy’s introduced a series of new sandwiches in an effort to penetrate to breakfast market. However, the attempt was a poor one, and the line was discontinued in 2013.  

4. Burger King’s Omelet Sandwich

Now, just because breakfast on the go is a popular thing and fits nicely within the niche of quick and easy to eat fast food, doesn’t mean that all fast-food chains should include breakfast items on their menus. They certainly shouldn’t introduce giant hard to eat sandwiches full of an enormous omelette, sausage, and cheese.

5. Burger King’s Shake ‘Em Up Fries

Now the idea behind this item was honestly an amazing one. The basic idea was that you would pour fries into a bag and add some suspicious-looking cheese powder and you get delicious cheesy fries. The dish is a combination of everyone’s two favourite things- potatoes and cheese. So, its failure and subsequent discontinuation are slightly confusing. 

6. Pizza Hut’s Priazzo

It seems like a lot of questionable fast food decisions was made in the 80s. Which makes sense, considering fast food restaurants were a big thing back in that time. Around the same time, Pizza Hut had also decided to give a go at something new- namely Chicago style deep dish pizza. What they ended up with was a poor, far-fetched rendition of the deep dish pizza. It was full of sausages, mushrooms, pepperoni and cheese. Moreover, its massive size made it all the more unpalatable. Safe to say the Priazzo flopped and was soon permanently taken off the Pizza Hut menu.

7. Sonic’s Pickle-O’s

Sonic is mostly famous for its massive menu filled with various milkshakes and burgers. However, in 2004 they launched something ingenious- in theory at least. Now everyone loves a good fried pickle, but only if it is done right. Sonic’s version of a fried pickle nugget or aptly named Pickle-O’s didn’t quite work out as they’d hoped it would and was later discontinued.

8. KFC Cheese Top Burger

KFC is known for its fried chicken, and sometimes other items related to fried chicken such as the zinger burger or even its biscuits and gravy combo. KFC, at some point in time, decided that they wanted to expand further into the niche of chicken sandwiches and try something new. The result of this attempt was the KFC Cheese Top Burger. Now, the name gives you the idea of a cheese infused bun or maybe a cheesy, crispy patty. However, neither of these guesses or expectations were even close to reality. The reality gave us a simple slice of cheese on a plain, average chicken sandwich. However, surprisingly the item had quickly gained popularity in the USA though was later taken off the menu.

9. McDonald’s Onion Nuggets

The tagline for this item was “Chunks of real onions deep fried to a golden crunch.” Sounds very delicious. They were as delicious as the tagline had sounded. Plus, they were on the dollar menu, meaning your broke self could afford them. Yet, for some reason, they were taken off the menu never to be seen again.

10. The McPizza

As I mentioned before, a lot of questionable fast food was created in the 80s. The McPizaa is another prime example of questionable fast food. However, people don’t go to McDonald’s for Italian pizza, and unsurprisingly the McPizza flopped and was soon taken off the menu.

11. Taco Bell’s Bell Beefer

Bell’s Bell Beefer- try saying that ten times faster. The Bell beefer is essentially a Taco Bell taco minus the taco shell. So yes, it’s basically a sandwich with taco filling. I wonder why it didn’t last? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that people go to Taco Bell for tacos and not a poor rendition of a Sloppy Joe?

12. Burger King’s Cupcake Milkshake

Cupcake milkshakes are a big thing now with many stores specializing in them. Back in 2009, Burger had decided to combine the deliciousness of a cupcake with the decadence of a milkshake in hopes of getting something unique. While the chain had high hopes for this product and the milkshake was pretty cute, it probably didn’t create the kind of reach Burger King had hoped for. The cupcake milkshake was soon taken off the menu.

13. Taco Bell’s Mountain Dew A.M

In 2012 Taco came up with the ingenious idea to make a PG version of Screwdrivers. Screwdrivers are a drink that is made up of orange juice and vodka. Now, of course, a PG version of the drink cannot contain alcohol, right? So, they decided to change the vodka out for mountain dew. Safe to say, people don’t want a sugar rush from mountain dew first thing in the morning, and Taco Bell kicked the whole idea to the curb.

14. McDonald’s Hula Burger

Kudos to McDonald’s for trying to come up with something that caters to their vegan and vegetarian customers. Granted, the idea they came up was questionable, but it was a good attempt. Oh, what was their idea? Their idea was the Hula Burger. It’s a burger, but instead of a meat patty, you get grilled pineapple. With cheese. Yes, pineapples and cheese with bread. Unsurprisingly the whole thing tanked, and the Hula Burger was taken off the menu.

15. KFC’s Double Down Sandwich

I saved the best for the last. Well, the best or the worst depending on how you see it. The idea for this seems like a solid one. However, I don’t know where KFC went wrong or why it was discontinued just that it looks like a great idea that doesn’t exist anymore.